Comparison of Video Slot Games in NetEnt and Microgaming

By 23 October 2020

Microgaming and NetEnt are basically the two pillars that dominate the largest part of the online casino gaming industry at the moment. These game developers are celebrated for releasing new video and mobile slots monthly. Other game developers can only dream of being as successful as Microgaming and NetEnt. This article closely compares Microgaming and NetEnt game developers. Also, visit for more insight.

Slot Features in NetEnt and Microgaming

Players would definitely ask questions revolving the actual gameplay in each game developer. What specific gameplay features are unique to either company? Well, neither NetEnt nor Microgaming has exclusively familiar features that, in our judgment, would outrightly set it apart from the flock. It's justifiable that as can be seen in , there are several unique games that have amazing and completely original features.

Both Microgaming and NetEnt include skill-based bonus rounds and extra spins. They also have game mechanics, changing sceneries, levelling, special choices for players to make, special wilds, and tumbling reels. In the two, you will also find all kinds of playlines imaginable in online casino gaming. Picking the best, in this case, is solely an individual decision based on preference. You have to pick the winner yourself.

Video Slots Popularity

Casino players have known these two giant game developers for long and it isn't an easy task comparing their video slot popularity. Although it isn't a lot easy to determine whether Microgaming or NetEnt slots are more popular per se, we can consider specific examples. That is to say, we take close consideration of the most popular video game slots and see which ones were developed by each.

With Gonzo's Quest on one side and Jungle Jim: El Dorado on the other, we would really wonder if there is anything that counterweighs NetEnt's Starburst. And, yes. We would, without fear of contradiction, justify that Avalon and Thunderstruck series do it very well. Looking further into progressive jackpot slots, we would say that Microgaming prides itself of Mega Moolah. That makes it almost an instant winner.

Themes in Microgaming and NetEnt Slots

Considering that both Microgaming and NetEnt game have been active for considerably long, each of them has made hundreds of slots. They try to stand out from the crowd with each one of their games. It is also true that each of their slots is basically based on different themes. Themes such as jungle, Irish, mythology, and dragons, which are quite common among them, are popular and plenty everywhere.

Both Microgaming and NetEnt have developed many cute slots and scary slots, too. Players tend to be looking for originality and unusualness in slot games. For instance, the fact that NetEnt has developed some fairy tale games, such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Fairy tale Legends series makes it quite unique. Although Microgaming lacks that, it features slots based on sports, such as Good to Go.

The Ultimate Winner

You might be tempted to ask, "Who wins in the NetEnt Vs Microgaming contest? Well, the only right answer is that there is no outright winner. The competition between the two aims at driving progress and, as such, there might just be no winner after all. It is notable that Microgaming beats NetEnt in the reach and sheer size. For this, NetEnt made up with creativity.